Solutions to overcoming an LEV problem

How can R&B Industrial Ltd. help you overcome an LEV problem? 

Offering design, manufacturing and installation of industrial ventilation systems such as LEVs, alongside testing, monitoring and consultancy services places R&B Industrial Ltd. in the ideal position to offer urgent solutions to overcome LEV problems. 

This is clearly demonstrated in the below case study and testimonial from one of our clients; a large food manufacturing company in Milton Keynes that required an urgent solution to enable the use of a diesel manitou in a food warehouse that was experiencing Issues with wood dust collectors. 

The below has been detailed from a DSEAR ATEX perspective. 

An urgent solution

A large food manufacturing company in Milton Keynes, recently sent an urgent enquiry through to us to help come up with a fast result in solving their LEV problem in the main factory.

We set out to advise and come up with a quick plan for a vehicle exhaust extraction system solution to extract fumes from their telehandler in the building. 

The customer had initially been looking at a diesel particulate filter however this was unsuitable as it does not remove NOx or CO and it was important that any contamination risk was eliminated. 

As this particular filter has a high value we suggested a cost-effective temporary vehicle exhaust extraction system consisting of 30m of high temperature crush recoverable hose, fan and additional standard hose to the atmosphere.

With all parts luckily in stock in our stockroom our engineers assisted by setting up a ‘plug in’ system to ensure quick and easy fixature for the customer and tested within 4hrs. Packed on pallet and shipped to site on an overbite delivery the same day to reach the midlands by the morning. 

All in all, a successfully swift service.

Client testimonial

Due to the need of an internal 120 meter steel gantry to be installed 10 meters high I had no option but to use a diesel powered tele-handler, however as we produce food there is no way I could have diesel fumes inside the factory. My search for an electric tele-handler was in vain and could see my only option was an exhaust extraction system purposely built for the project.

I contacted 4-5 fume extractions companies only to hear back from two, one of which was R&B Industrial Ltd., I explained the project and the lengths (50 meters or more) of hose I needed to run outside to exhaust the fumes. 

The team at R&B Industrial was amazing and pulled out all the stops getting a system on to site the very next day, I put the new system to work on the tele-handler and after a few tweaks got 100% of all fumes out of the building.

The system was used for 3 weeks solid without fail and even though I had opted to rent the systems I bought the system to keep on site for future use.

Without the help of R&B Industrial the project would have ground to a holt, engineers would have gone home & total disaster.

Thank you to the team at R&B Industrial.

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