Ventilation and AHU Systems, commissioning balancing fire damper testing

Our expertise in ventilation and AHU Systems, commissioning balancing fire damper testing

R & B Industrial has many years of experience in the examination, testing, commissioning and servicing of AHU plant and general ventilation systems.

Our experience spans many areas, such as –

  • Initial System Commissioning, including:
    • System balancing
    • Confirmation of correct air changes / air flows as per specification
    • System operation, maintenance manuals and logbook complete with design and test data
  • System balancing of multi-branch, complex systems
  • BMS (Building Management System) setup and commissioning ie TREND BMS
  • Commissioning of fan speed inverters and pressure feedback control systems, including:
  • Inverter configuration
  • Set-up of constant volume (CVD) and variable air volume (VAV) extract and supply systems;
  • For maximum energy efficiency room ventilation can be controlled from PIR sensors (or light switches etc.). Each room will have a constant volume damper on the extract / supply system, ensuring correct ventilation is maintained, whilst individual room ventilation is switched on/off
  • Pressure/flow transmitter configuration and setup
  • Proportional / integral control tuning, to ensure most effective system response, maximising energy savings
  • Setup, control tuning and commissioning of temperature and humidity control systems
  • Duct leak testing (DW/143), including:
    • All Class A, B and C zones
    • Calculation of duct surface area
    • Confirmation of permitted leakage allowance
    • Blanking of all grills and zoning as appropriate
  • Ensurance of competency to carry out assigned tasks
  • Clear and comprehensive,  reports including recommendations for maintenance and/or improvements / modifications

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