R&B Industrial National Work Life Week.

Hi, I’m Ethan and I am doing work experience at R&B Industrial. I am writing a blog for the business on national work life week. I have gone around and interviewed different people at R&B to see what their job is and what it is like on a day to day base. So far at R&B I have learnt what R&B does. The business is mainly focused on SmartAIR®. SmartAIR® is used to remove any particles in the air in the work environment such as dust particles in a factory.


National work life week is a week celebrating work life and work life balance. It occurs in the middle of October once a month.

The first person I interviewed was Ben. Ben is the proposals engineer who provides quotes to the customers. He is currently working on SmartAIR®. He has stayed at R&B because he likes the people and likes to take on new challenges.

After interviewing Ben I interviewed Gareth. Gareth is the Project manager. He has been here for 13 months. He is also working on 21 dampers for SmartAIR for a large company in the UK. He has stayed here because he likes to take on any tough challenges.

I then interviewed Grzes who is the controls engineer who designs and builds control panels. He is busy building an extraction panel in a lab for a paint manufacturer. He has stayed at R&B because he enjoys taking on challenges and learning new skills.

I then interviewed Rajendar who is the electronic engineer. He has been here for 3 years, he is also working on SmartAIR® and SmartAIR®+. He has stayed at R&B because he likes SmartAIR® and SmartAIR+ because he cares about the environment.

I then interviewed James and Ty who are the fabricators. Ty is the junior fabricator who is doing a apprenticeship. They both build and fabricate the bespoke products for the systems from CAD drawings. They are also building the needed products for SmartAIR®.

After the interview with James and Ty I interviewed Anna who is the financial and business manager. Anna looks after the finances in things such as paying wages, doing cashflows, budgeting and tax. She has been at R&B for 10 years and 10 months, she started doing a apprentice and doing level 3 in in business and admin. She then moved to accounts where she did level 3 and 4 in AAT. She also does CIMA in her own time. She has stayed at R&B because she likes the people and variety in jobs.

I then interviewed Sophie who is the marketing sales manager, she has been at R&B for 4 years. She has stayed at R&B because she likes the people and finds her job interesting.


Exciting News: Awarded UK Government Grant For Innovation And Growth

R & B Industrial are very excited to announce that its SmartAIR+ System has been awarded UK Government funding as part of Phase 4 of the Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator (IEEA). The IEEA supports industrial-scale demonstrations of energy and/or resource efficiency innovations with the objective to cut carbon emissions. It was launched in 2017 and it..

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