Tower Power 2024: Behind the Scenes

Tower Power 2024 Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes of Jordan Wylie’s Charity Challenge with a Strong Support Team

Clive Bates, director of R & B Industrial Ltd, and Jordan Wylie are pushing the limits in the Tower Power 2024 challenge. They’ve crossed the English Channel by kayak, a feat that marks the latest twist in their journey from Pisa to Blackpool. Now, they’ve added another iconic landmark to their itinerary: the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.

The addition of this extra tower is just one part of their evolving adventure, which is set to conclude at Blackpool Tower on 17th May with a special fundraiser and the unveiling of the Jordan Banks memorial wall at Blackpool FC. The Tower Power is sponsored by David Mellor Family Jewellers.

Clive explained how it came about “I really started to get to know Jordan on an expedition to Djibouti In the horn of Africa. I wouldn’t say I was an adventurer, but a do have an adventurous side, which I’m sure my wife Nicky would agree. I got on well with Jordan, very much enjoying the more adventurous sides of expedition.

So a months later Jordan mentioned about his next big challenge; PowerTower2024 …I thought about it for a few days & mentioned to Jordan that I would like to be part of the challenge offering perhaps some support & do as much cycling as poss. Without hesitation Jordan offered a ‘position’ of support guy / RH man. I was honoured to be part of the expedition & & offered some financial support, as secondary sponsor”.

Reflecting on the journey so far, Clive noted the mix of exhilarating experiences and logistical hurdles they’ve encountered.

Rich, our camera guy, had a bad puncture in the electric vehicle, so I had to cycle around to several tire shops, hunting for a replacement. On top of that, I had to explain to Rich how to use the compressor and emergency tire repair kit. We never knew where we’d be staying at night—sometimes, we were still looking for a campsite at 5 PM.

One time, I ended up at a closed campsite at 7 PM, even though the app showed it was open. It was freezing and windy, and we’d just completed a brutal 730-meter climb—the biggest of the entire trip—so I was completely exhausted after cycling about 90 km. Jordan was in agony with his knee and had to wild camp before reaching the campsite.

Rich, who was driving the electric vehicle, had lost all connections and his phone was out of power. I was trying to do star jumps and press-ups to stay warm, but my energy was running out, and I was figuring out how to wild camp with no equipment or provisions.

Luckily, at around 9 PM, Rich managed to find me and we set up camp. It was quite the ordeal, but we made it through”.

Clive has been instrumental in coordinating the logistics and support throughout the journey, often finding camping spots, maintaining Jordan’s eco-friendly wooden bike, and even cycling long distances to find replacement parts for the support vehicle. He admits it’s been challenging at times, with some unexpected obstacles. “There was a night when the electric vehicle’s battery was drained because the film guy had the heating on,” he shared. “It meant we had to find someone with a 12-volt battery charger, which wasn’t easy.

The team’s eco-friendly focus remains strong, despite the setbacks. “We try to minimize our impact by using an electric support vehicle, camping each night, and eating vegan dried food in compostable packaging,” Clive explained. “Jordan’s bike is made from coppice wood, and even his gear is from recycled materials. It’s all about leaving as little trace as possible.

The PowerTower2024 challenge has brought Clive and Jordan closer, forging a bond through shared hardships and successes. “Jordan and I have developed great camaraderie during the trip,” Clive said. “We have a laugh, we push each other, and we’ve had some really hilarious moments together. It’s what keeps us going through the tough times.

Their journey concludes on Friday 17th May at Blackpool Tower, where they will reveal the Jordan Banks memorial wall at Blackpool FC at around 7 PM. Following this, a fundraiser celebration will be held, hosted by Jordan Banks’s family, with proceeds going to the Army Cadets Charity. The event is invite-only, but supporters are encouraged to donate via their JustGiving page.

Clive’s wife, Nicky Bates, has been a crucial source of support throughout the journey. “Nicky has been amazingly supportive of the whole trip,” Clive said. “It’s great being able to talk with her in the evenings, especially after a challenging day. It helps me to stay grounded and focused.”

As they near the end of their epic adventure, Clive and Jordan are ready to make a lasting impact. “This journey is about more than just the cycling,” Clive said. “It’s about honouring a young life lost too soon and inspiring others to be the difference that makes a difference.”

Tower Power 2024, which is sponsored by David Mellor Family Jewellers, holds three primary objectives close to Wylie’s heart. Firstly, the expedition aims to raise funds for the Army Cadet Charitable Trust (ACCT) UK, an organisation dedicated to providing young people with opportunities for development through Army Cadets activities.

Secondly, the adventure will pay tribute to Jordan Banks, a young boy from Wylie’s hometown of Blackpool who tragically passed away prematurely. A special piece of art will be unveiled in Blackpool on the final day of the expedition in memory of Jordan Banks.

Lastly, Tower Power 2024 seeks to educate and inspire. Wylie is committed to conducting the expedition in a sustainable manner, offering free educational resources for schools to engage pupils, teachers, and parents who wish to participate in the journey.

For those eager to follow along with Tower Power 2024, updates and insights will be shared on the expedition’s official website, If you would like to donate then visit the JustGiving page.

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