Energy Price Cap Crisis – How can SmartAIR® help you?

As we face the news of the energy price cap crisis and how the increase will effect us all by as much as 54%, many of us may be looking for costs effective ways in reducing energy costs with our gas and electric bills.

R&B Industrial Ltd specialise in low cost energy alternatives to existing industrial ventilation systems. Offering expertise in bespoke designs that can be retrofitted into existing dust extraction and fume extraction systems.

From April 2022 millions of us will be approached with a substantial increase in our energy bills from the news of the energy price cap crisis. This causing extra stress on companies throughout the UK on what has already been a difficult few years financially across the country and worldwide.

SmartAIR®, our award winning energy saving industrial LEV system, can offer as much as much as 80% reduction for customers on their fan energy costs and pay back on their investment in a little as a year.

There are huge benefits with changing your existing LEV system to a smarter, more intelligent ventilation airflow control system. SmartAIR® is unique in that it optimises both the industrial ventilation fan speed and pressure. Resulting in a far greater energy saving and a lower carbon footprint is available compared to any other industrial ventilation system on the market, worldwide.

Energy saving LEV system

To speak to one of our senior engineers about SmartAIR® and how we can help you save money please contact us here or call us 01264 351844 – for more information on our energy saving system follow this page

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