Filter media for face masks

Now providing suitable filter media for face masks

R&B Industrial Ltd. can now provide suitable filter media for face masks; F9 efficiency in 10,000m² rolls.

Our filter media (material) for face masks has a gentle touch, is mainly synthetic and uses a low percentage of bio-soluble glass-fiber without the hazards of conventional glass-fibers.

The strength and elasticity are very good for such a light-weight material, however, a combination or lamination with PP-spunbond on the side of skin contact might be desired. 

What’s more, lamination to one or both sides of the media can be added where needed. 

Types of filter media for face masks

We are able to offer three types of filter media for face masks to keep your employees safe. These are:

Semi – Synthetic Media      

  1. No lamination – Basis Weight: 43g/sqm
  2. Lamination on one side – Basis Weight: 76g/sqm
  3. Lamination on both sides – Basis Weight: 109g/sqm

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